New Opportunities and Favorite Memories

I have totally neglected my website as of late and I feel terrible! I have good reason, though:

I’m a nanny! This is my first week caring for the cute kiddos, so I’ve been trying to fall into a routine. I get to hang out with a toddler all day and read Frozen books, swing, color and decipher babble. 😉

I’m also a fresh part of a really cool new app called KKTalkee, which helps people in China learn better English through live video broadcasting. Basically, I deliver a bunch of content and then answer any questions and encourage them to speak. I’m really loving this because those who know me well know I’m a total stickler for grammar and spelling, and I’m also following in my grandma’s teaching footsteps – just in a modern way.

It’s been a week of firsts! Glad to have the nerves shaken off and ready to grind 🙂

When has a sale, I always take advantage. It seems like these sales happen right as I’m running out of business cards – win! Anyways, I was taking advantage of this sale last night, which meant perusing my photo catalog to pick out my favorite photos from the last few months, so I can print them onto my new set of business cards. It sounds silly but I hardly ever look back at my work, so going through all of these photos totally brought back memories. And made me homesick.

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites from last fall:

Seriously missing Clair and our pho dates. Nobody understands my obsession with Cilantro like this beauty.
Are they the absolute cutest or what?!
This is hands down one of my absolute favorite shoots, ever. I had so much fun documenting their love. I don’t think they could be anymore photogenic!
There are so many amazing shots from this session, it was incredibly hard to narrow it down even this much!
Can you tell I love sun flares?
There are few things in this world that bring more joy than teaching one of your favorite things to a group of young ladies who are dedicated and determined. Oh, and absolutely hysterical. This is the 2015 RHS Varsity team. Shout-out to my JV & JV2 girls also ❤
I could do an entire pack of cards with just volleyball action shots (like I did last time). Hard work pays off and it shows.
These ladies also clean up pretty darn well 🙂 Kadyn asked me to take her senior photos and they turned out beautifully, with her bubbly personality shining right through!
Speaking of seniors, my brother is one and graduates in a few months! WHAT?! Time seriously flies, people.
What happened to the little cutie playing rec basketball? He’s 6’4″ now, an entire foot taller than me. It is so cool, yet so weird, watching siblings grow up.
Kassidy and Kate are the cutest sisters ever. We had a ton of fun during this shoot!
Sisters by birth, friends by choice, together for infinity.


This is easily my favorite photo from their photoshoot. I don’t know what it is about this one but I just love it.
Last but not least, this little ham! I’ve been taking his photos since he was about 3 months old. It was so special for me to be able to see him grow and to document it. I even got his first steps!

I think I’ll look back through my work more often. This was just what I needed to cure my homesickness ❤ I can’t wait to start networking here so I can get some more amazing clients!

Miss Kadyn Jones

My camera just loves this cutie! We took the second half of her senior photos on Sunday – these are more of my favorites.









I think she looks even more grown up in these than she did in the first session! How is that even possible? I can only imagine how Mama Jones must feel 😉

Kadyn, take #2

We had so many ideas for her senior photos, we could’t limit ourselves to just one day. Here’s a sneak peek at how her second session went on Sunday evening!




Absolutely stunning!

Miss Kadyn Jones

“Bubbly” doesn’t begin to describe this cutie – she’s positively overflowing with personality. I can’t get over how great her senior portraits look. She made my job pret-ty easy – posing herself and never ran out of smiles! Here are a few more of my favorites 🙂




This evening, I’ll be photographing Kadyn and the rest of her Varsity team for team pictures. Get ready for another burst of adorable-ness!

Kadyn’s Sneak Peek!

Remember this little stud muffin with the beautiful setter hands?


We did the first half of her senior photos yesterday!


This girl can seriously work a camera!


Full of personality and laughter, Kadyn can light up any room with just a smile.


She’s smart, curious, respectful and encouraging – full of amazing qualities that are sure to take her far. I’m so excited to see what she has in store for her bright future!


My brother is a senior?!

~ A n d r e w  B e n t z ~

I can’t believe this kid is a senior already! It seems like he was just a cute little kid trying to yell “shotgun” before me to get the privilege of riding up front. Wasn’t it just yesterday he was playing basketball on a lowered hoop? Now he’s 6’4″ and towering over his “big” sister.


I see flashes of my “little” brother when he smiles.


That is, if you can get him to stop smoldering.


I can’t get over how grown up he looks – this is a totally different kid than the one I saw before I moved to Kansas!


Now he’s becoming the kind of man who takes the world by storm and won’t stop until he achieves his dreams.


I’m proud to call this handsome, intelligent, creative young man my brother! I can’t wait to see where life takes you, buddy ❤

On this day last year…

On this day last year, volleyball season had just started in Kansas and I was coaching at the local high school. One of my girls, Courtney, asked me to take her senior photos so we spent the afternoon slurping on slushes from Sonic and raving about how photogenic she is.


 She made my job pretty damn easy.


And of course we made it to the school for volleyball photos!


We ended up snapping one of my most favorite photos of all time:


I miss my JCHS girls so much! I’ll be cheering all of you on from here. ❤