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June Photo Challenge: Day 16

Can’t Live Without

This is gonna make me sound overdramatic and crazy, but I can’t live without clean makeup brushes! The thought of using a brush¬†that hasn’t been cleaned in a few months is appalling to me. I know, I sound like a germaphobe. But in my defense, I have really sensitive skin and have to be careful¬†about what touches my face to begin with. I was surprised to learn that the very same¬†makeup brushes making you feel beautiful can also make existing problems worse.

I remember trying to figure out why adults get acne *hand-raise* and stumbled upon this article. Long story short, Loyola Marymount University tested the bacteria on makeup brushes weekly, for one month, and found that the bacteria doubled within 2 weeks and then were immeasurable by one month. Don’t worry, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor too. And then I ran straight to the bathroom to scrub them.

MakeupBrush-8I use regular old baby wash and warm water. I figure if it’s gentle enough to remove makeup from my face, it’s perfect for these.


It’s quick, easy and so satisfying washing them. I’m still surprised at how much makeup comes out of these brushes!¬†This is from the brush I use to apply BB cream.


¬†Yuck!¬†When you’re satisfied, squeeze/shake/pinch out as much water as possible and lay them flat on a towel to dry.


Leave them out overnight and they’ll be ready for you bright and early. I highly recommend¬†not blow-drying them! If you must, do it on the lowest heat setting – they are delicate and will fry just like your hair.

After cleaning these weekly and following my coconut oil regimen, I saw far fewer blackheads and pimples. Plus they work so much better! Helloooo, airbrush finish!

The miracle that is Yoga

My workout of choice (other than volleyball, of course) is yoga. It’s ironic because my grandma is a yoga fiend also, and I used to give her so much crap for doing such a lame “sport”. I take it all back, Nana! These days, I feel incomplete if I don’t get some sort of yoga in. I like¬†to center my¬†body¬†and my mind, clearing away everything except the pose that I’m doing and just¬†breathing.

While I’ve never physically been to a yoga class, I have found some¬†fantastic videos online. I love doing yoga at home – my favorite time to center myself is in the morning with a cup of coffee. I promise, there is no better way to wake up! Yoga is amazing at any time of day, so try it after work if you’re feeling stressed out.¬†Yoga is also versatile in the number of ailments it can heal: general muscle soreness, sciatica, gassiness, flexibility, growth spurts, posture… I really could go on and on. It has been around for centuries, and there is a reason why: it works.

I recommend following two simple rules: listen to your body and¬†breathe. Never force yourself into a pose or you’ll end up hurting more than healing. If¬†you feel stuck, just breathe into it. If you can remember those things, you’ll be successful.

Try starting out with Adriene Mishler. My best friend showed me her amazing videos and now I’m hooked. Never have I¬†been so relaxed and energized at the same time! Miss Mishler has tons of videos, ranging from beginners to weight loss to Vinyasa, and there’s even a 30 day challenge for those of you who like a challenge.¬†She is incredibly motivating and just so¬†real:

“We humans crave practice, ritual and routine. But the hardest part can simply be to begin. We create so many obstacles and excuses for ourselves as to why we cannot quite yet begin when in actuality with a slight shift we can use those same excuses and that same energy to tell ourselves why we simply cannot skip out or wait any longer. The time is now! You deserve it.”

Can’t argue with that.¬†Women do yoga with babies in their bellies – what’s your excuse? I, too, had plenty of excuses: no time, too sore, too bloated, but¬†actually doing yoga corrected all of them.

Here is a free beginners yoga video! I stuck it right into the post so there’s no links to follow and no excuses to not try it ūüėČ

If you want to try a different video, click here to see her website or her youtube channel!