Happy Birthday, Clyde!

I hope your fifth birthday is as fun as your third birthday was!

New Opportunities and Favorite Memories

I have totally neglected my website as of late and I feel terrible! I have good reason, though:

I’m a nanny! This is my first week caring for the cute kiddos, so I’ve been trying to fall into a routine. I get to hang out with a toddler all day and read Frozen books, swing, color and decipher babble. 😉

I’m also a fresh part of a really cool new app called KKTalkee, which helps people in China learn better English through live video broadcasting. Basically, I deliver a bunch of content and then answer any questions and encourage them to speak. I’m really loving this because those who know me well know I’m a total stickler for grammar and spelling, and I’m also following in my grandma’s teaching footsteps – just in a modern way.

It’s been a week of firsts! Glad to have the nerves shaken off and ready to grind 🙂

When Moo.com has a sale, I always take advantage. It seems like these sales happen right as I’m running out of business cards – win! Anyways, I was taking advantage of this sale last night, which meant perusing my photo catalog to pick out my favorite photos from the last few months, so I can print them onto my new set of business cards. It sounds silly but I hardly ever look back at my work, so going through all of these photos totally brought back memories. And made me homesick.

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites from last fall:

Seriously missing Clair and our pho dates. Nobody understands my obsession with Cilantro like this beauty.
Are they the absolute cutest or what?!
This is hands down one of my absolute favorite shoots, ever. I had so much fun documenting their love. I don’t think they could be anymore photogenic!
There are so many amazing shots from this session, it was incredibly hard to narrow it down even this much!
Can you tell I love sun flares?
There are few things in this world that bring more joy than teaching one of your favorite things to a group of young ladies who are dedicated and determined. Oh, and absolutely hysterical. This is the 2015 RHS Varsity team. Shout-out to my JV & JV2 girls also ❤
I could do an entire pack of cards with just volleyball action shots (like I did last time). Hard work pays off and it shows.
These ladies also clean up pretty darn well 🙂 Kadyn asked me to take her senior photos and they turned out beautifully, with her bubbly personality shining right through!
Speaking of seniors, my brother is one and graduates in a few months! WHAT?! Time seriously flies, people.
What happened to the little cutie playing rec basketball? He’s 6’4″ now, an entire foot taller than me. It is so cool, yet so weird, watching siblings grow up.
Kassidy and Kate are the cutest sisters ever. We had a ton of fun during this shoot!
Sisters by birth, friends by choice, together for infinity.


This is easily my favorite photo from their photoshoot. I don’t know what it is about this one but I just love it.
Last but not least, this little ham! I’ve been taking his photos since he was about 3 months old. It was so special for me to be able to see him grow and to document it. I even got his first steps!

I think I’ll look back through my work more often. This was just what I needed to cure my homesickness ❤ I can’t wait to start networking here so I can get some more amazing clients!

What’s Inside?

Remember our cute corner abode that I shared with you guys about a week ago?


Well I finally got around to taking interior photos! Shoutout to Abby for sending my tripod to me after I left it at her house when we were staying with her before moving. Oops. I assure you I’ll never be doing that again.

I’m so excited to finally give everyone the grand tour!

There’s no obvious place to start because this place has 3 entryways (what the heck?!), so we’ll start at the front, in the Man Cave. Please remain seated and keep all appendages inside the vehicle at all times. 😉

The window behind the couch is actually a bay window, one of which I have dreamed of having for years! From the front, it’s the window with the Blackhawks banner in it. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of flack for being Blackhawks fans in the land of the Rangers, not to mention all the Canadian teams. Hehe…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Directly across from the front door and around the corner from the entertainment center is the dining room that has yet to be dined in. In our last place, we had a bar adjacent to the kitchen counter, which explains those three lonely stools. I love how open all of this is – no doorways or narrow hallways that are typical in houses of this period. And don’t even get me started on the beautiful floor!


This is one of the rooms I am most excited about, naturally. When we toured this place before picking it, I remember exclaiming, “Oh my gosh, look at that back-splash!”. Can you tell I’ve watched a few HGTV shows? Although you can’t see it in this photo, there is a fridge and another entryway in the kitchen.


To the left of the stove is the basement door. I figured I’d save you guys the sight of a million spiderwebs and the all-around creeps that come with an unfinished basement. EEK! To the left of this doorway is the third entryway, and to the right is an office space that is currently being used for storage, I thought I’d save you the sight of junk too! How about that bathroom though?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It doubles as a laundry room, which I much prefer to trekking down into the creepy basement to switch loads of laundry like I imagine I would have had to with the original layout of the house. I absolutely love the light in here. I know I sound like a spazz, saying I love the light in the bathroom, but I can’t help it! Now back to the dining room and we’ll see the upstairs.


Fun fact: socks and stairs are never a good idea, even with carpet. I slipped halfway down the stairs while brushing my teeth earlier this week. I ended up plowing down them on my tush, so it was almost reminiscent of my childhood, minus trying to avoid choking on my toothbrush. Coordinated, I know.

This is our little sanctuary 🙂 We don’t have a ton of furniture yet, because our last place was a 2br apartment, but it will all come with time! Our room actually has 2 closets. The one with the mirror on the door is really creepy and even locks – I don’t want to know why. The other door, next to the bed, is like the entrance to Narnia! This closet is huge – I’m willing to bet it has close to the same square footage as the kitchen!

Bathroom #2, featuring a really deep tub, which I stuck my tripod in to capture the photo of the sink. Improvisation should be my middle name.

This is my yoga room, or choice #1 for guests coming to visit us. Speaking of, who will be first to visit New York?! I’ll feed you well! 😉 It also has a pretty large closet, which I have already filled up with all of my stuff. I figure this room would make a pretty great spot for some photos, too.

Last but not least, choice #2 of rooms for when guests come to visit. Also a good spot for photos with all that natural light. Nothing special, and more space than we know what to do with at the moment, but if someone were to come visit… *cough*


There you have it, home of the Potestas 🙂 I can’t wait to fill this place up with more photos and some more furniture, and of course, some guests!

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore..

Goodbye, Kansas – Hello, New York!

After driving across the country for the 3rd time in 2 months, we are finally home! I’ve been off the grid since Christmas Eve, traveling and getting everything set up in our new home. It’s been a bit eye-opening – how much more time I have to myself, Bobby and I are communicating better, and we’ve actually been able to enjoy our new house. Yep, I said house 🙂


Our Traditional-style home was built in 1880 – how’s that for history?


Just like the outside, the inside has been completely remodeled and looks immaculate. We got so lucky finding this gem! Two stories (3 if you count the creepy basement!) with 3 bedrooms plus an office, and 2 full bathrooms. Interior pics coming soon!


Charming is the perfect word to describe it, along with old-fashioned. The heater vents are the huge, square iron kind in the floor, we have incredibly squeaky stairs, the basement is unfinished, and we even had to have a phone jack installed.


Whoever remodeled this place did a magnificent job repainting, updating the lights and replacing the floors. The updates are awesome, but I’m really happy they left the original (I think) hardwood floor in the living and dining rooms. I just love the charm of this house and the whole city in general ❤

We are so unbelievably excited to finally be here. 2016 will be filled with new experiences, adventures and so much happiness!

Perks of My Job ~

The perks are endless – I work my own hours, doing what I love. But my favorite part of my job is easily the amazing people I meet. I have met some incredible people through my lens, like the Peck family.

It has been unbelievable watching these two sweeties grow.

The very first time I saw these two was around Easter last year! It’s absolutely insane how fast they grow up!

I saw them again for family photos in April

And then in June to take some Fourth of July photos before I left to go back home for 6 months while Bobby was in school.

I came back to Kansas to see a sweet (almost) three year old talking up a storm, and this little guy taking his first steps just before his first birthday!

The older they get, the more and more alike they look. I had a blast capturing them for their benchmark birthdays 🙂

Adalena was a princess, and of course Landon got to smash a cake!

..Which he was not interested in at all.


Bath time afterwards was fun though!

We finished our photoshoot by playing hide & seek and saving mom from monsters.


I’m gonna miss these kiddos something fierce! ❤


The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching! I absolutely love this time of year, but it seems like every year it’s harder and harder to get excited for this special time – what with all the huge corporate sales, celebrations starting before Halloween and the ever-increasing pressure to spend even more money. It’s absolute insanity. I decided to write this post as a reality check for myself: to remember the real reasons my family celebrates the holidays.

‘Tis the season..


To celebrate family & friends,


To introduce new additions to our old traditions,


To watch the amazement and wonder in a child’s eyes,


To decorate a tree with new memories,


For giving gifts of time, love, laughter and peace.


‘Tis the season for tradition and family, holding your loved ones close, celebrating the little things and remembering where you came from. This holds especially true for me this year, being away from family during the holidays for the first time. But it’s time for new traditions.

What do the holidays mean to you?


Upon reaching Sierra Vista, we moved in with a wonderful little family who are generous enough to share their house with us. Justin and Samantha, and their sweet 7 week-old baby girl Delilah.

You can imagine my excitement upon hearing that I’d be sharing a house with a baby! I mean look at that face!


She was in an especially good mood on this day, so obviously I had to introduce her to my camera.


I think she liked it, little ham!


We’re already planning a Christmas-themed family photoshoot. I can’t wait to see this cutie in a Santa hat!

Road Trip!

Ahhh, I finally made it to my ❤ in Sierra Vista, AZ friday night! After a wonderful weekend full of snuggles and catching up on sleep, I have finally had the time and energy to edit the photos I took during my drive from Portland to Sierra Vista. Woo!

Before I share photos of the beautiful landscapes from Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona, I want to share this one:


Without this beautiful woman I call my ma, this trip would have been a thousand times more stressful and I’d have certainly ended up in a ditch somewhere, having gone insane from loneliness. I wouldn’t trade the hours of chatting about literally everything, laughing at dear memories (and making even more), road trip games, walking the strip in Vegas, and peaceful silences for the world. It was wonderful seeing our beautiful country with an even more beautiful soul.

Thank you thank you thank you for being my biggest fan and support system, and for joining me on this journey to the next chapter in my life! Love love ❤

Sisters <3

 I am absolutely fascinated by siblings – the ways they interact, how they can be so alike and yet incredibly different, and how cool it must be to have someone who just gets it. 

Before you get to thinking that I’m a total nut case, you should know that I’m an only child. I didn’t have any partners in crime until my childhood best friend and her sister became my step-sisters when I was 10, and then I also gained a younger step-brother a year or so later. In short, I have 2 sisters from another mister and a brother from another mother. While that is incredibly fun to say, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have this:





These two are an absolute joy! I coached Kate, the taller (but younger) of the two, who is just the sweetest thing ever. After meeting her older sis, Kassidy, I can totally see where she gets it. Shoutout to you two for being the most photogenic sisters ever!

I can’t wait to share more!