On This Day 2 Years Ago

On this day last year, my ❤ proposed!


He waited until the sun was almost all the way down before popping the question – the suspense was insane! I had a really good feeling this was coming, just like I did 2 days before when we went on a helicopter tour of Kansas City. The entire time we were circling KC, I could hardly breathe from excitement, thinking this is it!. Nope! When I told him this after he proposed, his response was “gotta keep you on your toes”. I gotta say, it worked 🙂

My life changed for the better 2 years ago and I’m so happy it did!

The Beautiful Bride

Michelle looked amazing on her special day! Her dress was spectacular and flowed so perfectly, beautifully detailed with just enough sparkle to match her personality.




It looked gorgeous on the hanger, but absolutely stunning on her!




So much beauty in one post! ❤

I can’t stop editing these, I’m literally glued to my computer. Photos of the groom and ceremony will be posted this week!