Photo of the Week!

Just because this woman is my other half.


There’s a special bond when you’ve been friends for 17 years. More like sisters than friends ‚̧

The Real First Dance

After the ceremony, I stole the happy couple for some incredible shots of them dancing on the beach during sunset. The dance everyone else saw later in the tent was really their second dance ūüėČ




Such a beautiful, intimate moment between these love birds. I’m so in love with how these turned out! ‚̧

I present, Mr & Mrs. Burris!

¬†The ceremony was stunning –¬†perfectly placed along the Oregon coast, during magic hour¬†on a most beautiful day. I have never witnessed such magnificent¬†¬†weather on any Oregon beach, nor a more breathtaking beach wedding. It was truly perfect.





This is one of my favorite photos from the entire day, I have never seen my aunt more happy ‚̧






They’re so perfect for each other, they walked back up the aisle stepping in sync!

All the happiness in the world to you two ‚̧

“The Guys”

 Here are the handsome fellas from the Burris wedding!


From left: Jered, Joe, Noah, and the father of the bride, John.


These beautiful boutonnières were a challenge to pin on securely, but they looked so perfect once we got them in place.


Simple, yet stunning.


I bet the bride didn’t realize her wedding party was full of¬†models – they’re so photogenic!

Next up, the ceremony!

Bodie Doggins

The officiate for the wedding last weekend brought along his cute pup, a Border Collie mix named Bodie Doggins.


Border Collies were bred to be herding dogs working on a farm. Their breed is known for being smart, fast and very agile.


He reminds me so much of my Grandma’s old dog, Rosie, who was a Border Collie, Whippet and Husky mix. Rosie was incredibly smart – she even ran the Iditarod, a mushing race in Alaska that takes place every winter.


Border Collies are also great “singers”, vocalizing their excitement. When the wedding guests applauded the bride and groom after their first dance, Bodie ran around the tent and howled his congratulations.


I can’t wait for Bobby’s training to be over so we can get a dog! We’re thinking of rescuing a German Shepherd. I’ve always wanted a Great Dane, but we’ll just have to see who needs a home ūüôā

Mr. Krabs, is that you?

I was lucky enough to be able to bring the lovely Hailey with me to the beach this weekend to help with shooting the wedding! We got there early on Friday to scout  the location and explore. Here are a few things we found:


A one-footed seagull


Three huge rocks, shrouded in fog. More pics of these cool rocks coming soon!


And my favorite, Mr. Krabs!


I haven’t had a weekend so wonderful in a long time. Great location, delicious food and the best company ‚̧

It’s all in the details

The Burris wedding was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen!

Every little detail was spectacular Рfrom the succulents and sea shells to the golden balloons and burlap accents. I overheard many people commenting on the decor, one of whom said that Pinterest had never seen a wedding so perfect.





All of these tiny details came together to create an evening that was an absolute dream.

Wedding Weekend <3

My God Mother is marrying her best friend/other half today¬†ūüôā A beautiful ceremony on the beach, and I get to capture it all on camera! Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?

Stay tuned for pics, I’ll try to have a sneak peek up Sunday night!