White Out ~

I thought I knew what snow was. I’ve seen my fair share of school closures and snow days, been skiing and snowboarding, and caught fat, wet flakes on my tongue. But I have never seen so much snow, falling so hard, that I couldn’t see the end of the block.


None of these pictures do it justice and really only show the aftermath of last night’s lake-effect blizzard. Seeing all of this, I can’t help but laugh at Portland. School would have been cancelled the night before an event like this. I can remember several times we would be granted a “snow day”, only for everything to melt by noon. Here? No school closures -Watertown is very well stocked with snow plows.


They run on a pretty regular schedule, which is great because it prevents the city from collapsing. It certainly gets annoying, though, living on a corner and hearing them go by every two hours, all night long. Up one street, then back down the other side. Up the other street, and then back down, passing our bedroom window 4 times with each trip. Hellooooo, New York.


Lake effect snow is no joke. That lump in the bottom right corner is my car, tucked under 10+ inches of powder. I snapped this photo because of the icicles – the ones on the corners of the roof are about 4 feet long! We have to dodge a few to even get inside our back door. I can’t bring myself to knock any down, they’re so pretty!


…And a bit scary. One of the many times it comes in handy being a shorty.


Snow is like sand in that it is incredibly detailed and fine, but can build something spectacular when there’s enough of it. I’ll let you find the analogy there. 😉


It’s also crazy to think that each flake is completely different from all of the others falling around it. Snow is absolutely mesmerizing to me, but my poor husband is sick of it. I can’t help it! I’ve seen more snow from less than a month of living here than in a single winter spent in Portland.


Glad I’m not the only one enjoying myself 🙂 I met the neighbors while walking around, enjoying the snow. Too cute.

Enjoy this snow – we have enough to share!

Uzi The Presa Pup

First off, shout out to Abby for opening her home to Bobby and I ❤ She’s been amazing letting us stay with her and her pup, Uzi!


I can’t get enough of this face.


Uzi is a 9-month old Presa Canario puppy, full of energy and so much personality!


She weighs about 70 pounds already, so you can imagine how huge she will be. Just look at those paws!


Bobby and I have been spoiling her rotten with love and play time. I think we need a puppy of our own! ❤

Puppy Love

Okay, so they aren’t puppies anymore.. But they sure act like it!


Cate (on the left with her stick), and Kala are doggie BFFs. Kala is a Flat-Coated Retriever (who doesn’t retrieve), and Cate is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog who will happily retrieve for hours on end.


Obviously “Stick” is her all-time favorite game, while Kala would much rather watch a football game all snuggled up on the couch with her favorite humans.


Bobby and I can’t wait to get a pup after we move! While living in Kansas this last year, we would drive 20 minutes to the nearest Petco and PetSmart, to spend hours loving on animals waiting to be adopted.. I think we need a pet. 😂


Both Kala and Cate were rescued – Kala from a dumpster (totally not kidding) and Cate from being euthanized at a too-full animal shelter. If you or your family are interested in getting a pet, please rescue! Also research your breeds – it is always better to have a dog that fits your lifestyle rather than your ego.

Bodie Doggins

The officiate for the wedding last weekend brought along his cute pup, a Border Collie mix named Bodie Doggins.


Border Collies were bred to be herding dogs working on a farm. Their breed is known for being smart, fast and very agile.


He reminds me so much of my Grandma’s old dog, Rosie, who was a Border Collie, Whippet and Husky mix. Rosie was incredibly smart – she even ran the Iditarod, a mushing race in Alaska that takes place every winter.


Border Collies are also great “singers”, vocalizing their excitement. When the wedding guests applauded the bride and groom after their first dance, Bodie ran around the tent and howled his congratulations.


I can’t wait for Bobby’s training to be over so we can get a dog! We’re thinking of rescuing a German Shepherd. I’ve always wanted a Great Dane, but we’ll just have to see who needs a home 🙂

June Photo Challenge: Day 11


I love all animals, but I’m definitely a dog person.


This is Bronte! She’s a 5 year old Irish Wolfhound, which happens to be one of the largest breeds out there. Her heart is even bigger than her 130-pound body.


She’s big enough to sit on a couch like a human! Or your lap, if she deems you worthy. Bronte is incredibly gentle, smart and well-behaved – she didn’t bark while I was visiting, but she did sing for us. 🙂


It is amazing what dogs can do – from your basic tricks to running the Iditarod, guiding the blind to military/police work, dogs can do it all. While those are amazing things, I think the best part of being a dog owner is the unbreakable bond between dogs and their humans.


Dogs teach us about love, loyalty and trust. They aren’t just animals, they’re family. ❤