If you’ve never tried these before, you’re seriously missing out! This is such an easy and delicious way to eat veggies. These tasty little pods are a great source of protein and fiber. Plus they’re fun to munch on.


My mom and I used to snack on these constantly, especially in the summer – we’d sit in the sun and eat these fresh from the fridge. I love that these are so versatile and can be served warm or cold. My husband and I practically inhaled almost the entire batch while binge-watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix, still warm from being boiled. Guilt-free snacking at it’s finest! Did I mention how easy these are? 15 minutes from start to finish, even quicker if your edamame pods aren’t frozen. Unfortunately I can’t find these anywhere but the frozen veggie section. I can only imagine how much tastier they would be fresh! Take advantage of your fresh produce, people! Or, take advantage of your backyard and start yourself an urban garden. Either way, this recipe is fool-proof.


  • 1 package edamame (mine was 16oz)
  • 1Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Parmesan cheese, shredded


Cook your edamame according to directions on package. I was instructed to boil mine, so I did and added a bit of salt to the water. Drain and then transfer edamame into a medium bowl.


Drizzle olive oil over the pods and stir to coat completely. Feel free to add more olive oil to taste. I love olive oil, so I coated my edamame pretty well.


Next, sprinkle edamame with seasonings and cheese, then stir well to combine. Instead of garlic and onion, You could try something Spanish-style, like lime juice and cilantro with avocado, or something more Asian, topping them with soy sauce and sesame seeds.



Pop these into the fridge for about 30 minutes if you’d like to try them cold, otherwise, grab a bowl for the shells and much away. For the best effect, grab the pods by the end that the stem grew from and pop it into your mouth. Lightly bite own and gently pull the pod through your teeth. The beans inside should easily come out of the shells.

Savor the flavor and let me know what you think!

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