July Photo Challenge: Day 22


“Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.”   ~ Unknown


These two are my favorite little nuts.


It seems like the kids of families are nuts, and the parents must be nuts because the kids are nuts. It’s nuts. Maybe we’re all nuts!


One aspect of my job that I absolutely adore is observing. It’s incredible to be able to witness the special, unbreakable bonds that people have with their kids and one another.


Kelsey and Mike are the backbones of their family, their love and respect for one another is what started this amazing little family in the first place. They are truly best friends and it’s obvious in the ways they interact with each other.


This family is special in its own ways, just like every other one, but I’ve got a massive soft spot for these guys because Mike is a soldier. Military families seem to have this unique ability to live in the moment and cherish every single one that passes by. The Klevins are masters of taking advantage of every second spent together and making each one special.


Thank you guys for letting me be a little part of your family so I can savor these moments with you!


July Photo Challenge: Day 21


High Dynamic Range

You’ve probably noticed this setting on your phone, it usually pops up when there are lots of highlights and shadows in the same photo. HDR is a technique used to create an image that looks most like what your eye would see, including all of the highlights and shadows so that nothing gets left out. It’s very handy for architecture and landscape shots, which is what I used it for.


Don’t you just love the views from Crown Point? This was the perfect place to catch and HDR shot because it really highlights the gritty detail that your eye can pick up, but which is sometimes lost in the camera.

HDR photos are fairly simple to create – you’re just combining multiple photos of the same subject captured with different exposures and mashing them into one. You need a tripod and at least 3 photos to create one perfectly exposed shot. The three photos should be taken at different shutter speeds to make one photo too light, one too dark and one somewhere in the middle. When you combine them, the detail really pops! If this sounds intriguing to you, you can learn more about HDR here! 

July Photo Challenge: Day 20


Oregon is so geographically diverse – we’ve got mountains, deserts, beaches, cliffs, waterfalls, forests, lakes and rivers galore. The incredible waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge have become increasingly popular, filling up with tourists and locals during the hot summer days. When a couple from Hong Kong asked me to photograph them in some outdoorsy places, I knew exactly where to take them!

Multnomah Falls, along with a few other waterfalls, made such an incredible backdrop for their photos.


The falls add so much beauty to the photos, perfectly showcasing the gorgeous, happy couple.


I had an amazing time photographing these two. I can’t wait to share more!

July Photo Challenge: Day 19


Naturally, as a child my grandmother thought the fireworks that went off on her birthday were celebrating her. Nowadays, my family lights off fireworks in celebration of freedom and my grandma’s birthday. She absolutely loved the ones my dad and uncle picked out, and so did my camera:


I love that these photos came out sort of looking like a flight through space. I also love how chaotic they are, and yet still beautiful.


There are a zillion tiny sparks in the air at any given time, so freezing them and the moment is like watching fireworks in slow motion.


To me they look like stars exploding in the night sky.


I was in heaven watching these explode above me with my toes in the cool sand. I hope you all had a great 4th of July!

July Photo Challenge: Day 18

Light Painting

Clearly I’ve never shot light painting photos like this: I forgot my tripod! Ugh, sometimes I think I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached! Anyways, we had such a wonderful time at the beach. It feels amazing to be back around family.

To get the long streaks of light, the exposure of your photograph has to be long, which is why a tripod is handy! Instead, I improvised with a big driftwood log. It worked okay and I love this photo but I definitely want to try this again!! Any takers? 😉


I’m also on the lookout for a place that I can shoot something like this of a freeway or the city. There are so many things to photograph here, I’m back in heaven! ❤

June Photo Challenge: Day 17

Magic Hour

Photographers often refer to the last hour before sunset as “Magic Hour”. The light falls so prettily on everything and you can get some really neat shadows and effects with the sun. It’s one of my favorite times to shoot portraits, but I was lacking a model so I figured I’d finally take pictures of my car!


I love the lens flare in this shot! I think they make pretty, colorful accents to photos, especially ones taken during Magic Hour.


This is also a great time to capture the eastern sky as well as the more obvious western sky, as it is usually very blue. If you’re lucky enough to live on the East side of Portland, you can probably see beautiful Mount Hood if you look east!


I missed that view like you wouldn’t believe!


I’m thinking I’ll name my car either Farrah or Fawna. Now that you’ve seen her, what do you guys think?

June Photo Challenge: Day 16

Can’t Live Without

This is gonna make me sound overdramatic and crazy, but I can’t live without clean makeup brushes! The thought of using a brush that hasn’t been cleaned in a few months is appalling to me. I know, I sound like a germaphobe. But in my defense, I have really sensitive skin and have to be careful about what touches my face to begin with. I was surprised to learn that the very same makeup brushes making you feel beautiful can also make existing problems worse.

I remember trying to figure out why adults get acne *hand-raise* and stumbled upon this article. Long story short, Loyola Marymount University tested the bacteria on makeup brushes weekly, for one month, and found that the bacteria doubled within 2 weeks and then were immeasurable by one month. Don’t worry, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor too. And then I ran straight to the bathroom to scrub them.

MakeupBrush-8I use regular old baby wash and warm water. I figure if it’s gentle enough to remove makeup from my face, it’s perfect for these.


It’s quick, easy and so satisfying washing them. I’m still surprised at how much makeup comes out of these brushes! This is from the brush I use to apply BB cream.


 Yuck! When you’re satisfied, squeeze/shake/pinch out as much water as possible and lay them flat on a towel to dry.


Leave them out overnight and they’ll be ready for you bright and early. I highly recommend not blow-drying them! If you must, do it on the lowest heat setting – they are delicate and will fry just like your hair.

After cleaning these weekly and following my coconut oil regimen, I saw far fewer blackheads and pimples. Plus they work so much better! Helloooo, airbrush finish!