Happy Birthday, Clyde!

I hope your fifth birthday is as fun as your third birthday was!

Perks of My Job ~

The perks are endless – I work my own hours, doing what I love. But my favorite part of my job is easily the amazing people I meet. I have met some incredible people through my lens, like the Peck family.

It has been unbelievable watching these two sweeties grow.

The very first time I saw these two was around Easter last year! It’s absolutely insane how fast they grow up!

I saw them again for family photos in April

And then in June to take some Fourth of July photos before I left to go back home for 6 months while Bobby was in school.

I came back to Kansas to see a sweet (almost) three year old talking up a storm, and this little guy taking his first steps just before his first birthday!

The older they get, the more and more alike they look. I had a blast capturing them for their benchmark birthdays 🙂

Adalena was a princess, and of course Landon got to smash a cake!

..Which he was not interested in at all.


Bath time afterwards was fun though!

We finished our photoshoot by playing hide & seek and saving mom from monsters.


I’m gonna miss these kiddos something fierce! ❤


On this day last year…

On this day last year, Logan turned 8!

Logan and her friends celebrated with a spa party – complete with manis, pedis and facials.


I’d like to be a kid again, please!


After they got all dolled up, Logan blew out her candles, made a few wishes, and opened presents.


Then we finished off the day with a BFFs photo shoot!


Happy 9th birthday, missy!

Jordan’s First Birthday

This handsome little ham celebrated his first birthday this weekend!


His mom and dad threw him an awesome birthday bash, so naturally he thanked them by sharing his cake.



Cake smash photos are some of my absolute favorites. I love the looks of wonderment and mischief, especially after the sugar kicks in.


Happy Birthday, Baby Jor!