Throwback Thursday

Let me just start with this:

I love these two ❤

I just can’t get enough of Bentley’s grumpy old-man face and Kenna’s intense eyes.


This photo shoot was supposed to be one of jumping in puddles and playing in mud, but the Oregon weather surprised (again) and blessed us with sunshine instead.


I chased these rascals around for a couple hours and came away with gold.

That belly!! And the grumpy face! AH – too much cute!

Not to mention this little doll blowing sparkle into life like a fairy!

I’m missing these 2 cuties ❤  These will forever be some of my favorite photos!


Happy Birthday, Clyde!

I hope your fifth birthday is as fun as your third birthday was!

Mom’s Day


In celebration of moms across the universe, here are my favorite shots of the incredible moms I’ve had the privilege of photographing. Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you ❤

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On This Day 2 Years Ago

On this day last year, my ❤ proposed!


He waited until the sun was almost all the way down before popping the question – the suspense was insane! I had a really good feeling this was coming, just like I did 2 days before when we went on a helicopter tour of Kansas City. The entire time we were circling KC, I could hardly breathe from excitement, thinking this is it!. Nope! When I told him this after he proposed, his response was “gotta keep you on your toes”. I gotta say, it worked 🙂

My life changed for the better 2 years ago and I’m so happy it did!

Giant Oatmeal Cookie

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I ❤ Sally’s Baking Addiction

1 Giant Oatmeal Creme Pie.

I’ve used a ton of her recipes, from green beans to cinnamon rolls to hummus, Sally really is the queen of the kitchen! My favorite thing about Sally is how simple and healthy most of her recipes are. I’m no Betty Crocker, but I sure can fake it well with her help.

The family I nanny for has been in Jamaica for the last week, so I’ve had a bit more time in the kitchen to cook up a storm. I celebrated with this giant oatmeal creme pie.


It’s still February but I don’t even care, cause I’m Irish all year 😉 Bobby and I are both part Irish and really love this holiday. We didn’t get to celebrate last year with him doing some field training, so I figured we better start early this year to make up for lost time!


I also made the very traditional Irish dinner Shepard’s Pie, but I want to find a better recipe before sharing with you all!


This is one of the few recipes I come back to often, so I can promise it’s just as delicious without being green!

Here’s the recipe again 🙂


Snow Baby ~

Everyone meet Bryce, the munchkin I nanny! It’s snowing again here in NY (surprise…) so we decided to take advantage of a little break in the flurries and go play in it this morning! The result was too much cute for even me to handle:





This little one has the most incredible blue eyes and they express so much! She’s a pretty cute little snow baby!