The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching! I absolutely love this time of year, but it seems like every year it’s harder and harder to get excited for this special time – what with all the huge corporate sales, celebrations starting before Halloween and the ever-increasing pressure to spend even more money. It’s absolute insanity. I decided to write this post as a reality check for myself: to remember the real reasons my family celebrates the holidays.

‘Tis the season..


To celebrate family & friends,


To introduce new additions to our old traditions,


To watch the amazement and wonder in a child’s eyes,


To decorate a tree with new memories,


For giving gifts of time, love, laughter and peace.


‘Tis the season for tradition and family, holding your loved ones close, celebrating the little things and remembering where you came from. This holds especially true for me this year, being away from family during the holidays for the first time. But it’s time for new traditions.

What do the holidays mean to you?

One thought on “The Holidays

  1. Oh this post was beautiful Mykala. It made me tear up! The holidays, to me, mean putting aside differences to come together and enjoy each other’s company, giving gifts to someone for the pure joy and happiness in their face without expecting anything in return. Holding loved ones close and tight for as long as you can.

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