Road Trip!

Ahhh, I finally made it to my ❤ in Sierra Vista, AZ friday night! After a wonderful weekend full of snuggles and catching up on sleep, I have finally had the time and energy to edit the photos I took during my drive from Portland to Sierra Vista. Woo!

Before I share photos of the beautiful landscapes from Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona, I want to share this one:


Without this beautiful woman I call my ma, this trip would have been a thousand times more stressful and I’d have certainly ended up in a ditch somewhere, having gone insane from loneliness. I wouldn’t trade the hours of chatting about literally everything, laughing at dear memories (and making even more), road trip games, walking the strip in Vegas, and peaceful silences for the world. It was wonderful seeing our beautiful country with an even more beautiful soul.

Thank you thank you thank you for being my biggest fan and support system, and for joining me on this journey to the next chapter in my life! Love love ❤

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