Pumpkin Drilling!

I’ll never carve another pumpkin!!


I couldn’t tell you how many carving knives I’ve busted throughout the years; How many times I’ve cut myself rather than the pumpkin and how many hours I’ve spent trying to perfect little details with awkward tools. Never again.


My detail-oriented brain was in absolute heaven with the precision, and finally for the first time ever, I was actually in love with how my pumpkin turned out! Plus I felt like a total badass with that power drill in my hand. 😉


I only used 3 tools total – the drill, a big serving spoon, and a knife for cutting the tops off. As with any pumpkin decorating that is lit from within, you’ve still got to scoop out the nasty goop. Gag.


Pumpkin innards give me heebie-jeebies like you wouldn’t believe! I am definitely a spoon-user – you couldn’t pay me enough to use my bare hands. I’ve been a total wimp about it since I first started carving as a kid, when I imagined the insides were ice cold brains with a bunch of slippery teeth mixed in. My dad, on the other hand, likes to imagine that his pumpkins had a bit too much fun the night before and saves the goop so he can use it as “pumpkin puke”. I only like to save the seeds.


Stay tuned for more on these seeds – I’m going to roast them for my first time today!

After scooping out the innards, really scrape the inside until it is clean, smooth and light in color. This will prevent your pumpkin from rotting quickly. Next my mom and I drew dots on our pumpkins with ballpoint pens, her pumpkin taking on a sophisticated floral pattern, mine trying to be a spooky spiderweb.


My favorite benefit to drilling rather than carving? The choices in size of the drill-bits – I used four different sizes to mix and match, and also to add depth to my design. Simply attach the drill-bit you want to use, place it to your design, and gently pull the trigger. I started out slow but sped up once I got the hang of it. Watch out for the pumpkin shavings that will start to fly! I had to move my glass of wine to a safe zone so as not to drink my pumpkin. 😋


Our pumpkins came out looking totally unique! The flickering candles within make each hole look like a glittering star. They give halloween a more sophisticated and grown-up feel, without losing the spirit of the season. Scooping, designing, drilling and all, this project took us less than two hours!

I have a new favorite tradition. 🙂

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