The many skies of Kansas

Without a doubt, my favorite thing about Kansas is the sky.


Kansas is very flat, especially compared to Oregon. The “hills” are all the same height, rolling on forever like the ridges that oceans leave in the sand. Never have I seen so far or so wide.


I saw every color of the rainbow, just looking up at the sky.


I first fell in love with the skies of Kansas during this incredible sunset on the evening Bobby proposed.


It changes daily and even looks magnificent at night.


Sometimes it’s moody and spits fire.


No matter the time or the day, it never fails to impress.


2 thoughts on “The many skies of Kansas

  1. This makes miss Texas (naturally). Texas had the same type of hills, so much so, that the the area of Austin and surrounding, is called “Hill Country.” The sky seemed to go on forever. Anyway beautiful photos! I love that you took a pic of the sky when Bobby proposed. 🙂

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