Bodie Doggins

The officiate for the wedding last weekend brought along his cute pup, a Border Collie mix named Bodie Doggins.


Border Collies were bred to be herding dogs working on a farm. Their breed is known for being smart, fast and very agile.


He reminds me so much of my Grandma’s old dog, Rosie, who was a Border Collie, Whippet and Husky mix. Rosie was incredibly smart – she even ran the Iditarod, a mushing race in Alaska that takes place every winter.


Border Collies are also great “singers”, vocalizing their excitement. When the wedding guests applauded the bride and groom after their first dance, Bodie ran around the tent and howled his congratulations.


I can’t wait for Bobby’s training to be over so we can get a dog! We’re thinking of rescuing a German Shepherd. I’ve always wanted a Great Dane, but we’ll just have to see who needs a home 🙂

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