July Photo Challenge: Day 22


“Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.”   ~ Unknown


These two are my favorite little nuts.


It seems like the kids of families are nuts, and the parents must be nuts because the kids are nuts. It’s nuts. Maybe we’re all nuts!


One aspect of my job that I absolutely adore is observing. It’s incredible to be able to witness the special, unbreakable bonds that people have with their kids and one another.


Kelsey and Mike are the backbones of their family, their love and respect for one another is what started this amazing little family in the first place. They are truly best friends and it’s obvious in the ways they interact with each other.


This family is special in its own ways, just like every other one, but I’ve got a massive soft spot for these guys because Mike is a soldier. Military families seem to have this unique ability to live in the moment and cherish every single one that passes by. The Klevins are masters of taking advantage of every second spent together and making each one special.


Thank you guys for letting me be a little part of your family so I can savor these moments with you!


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