Throwback to just over a year ago when Kelsey and I planned for a puddle-filled photoshoot in the rain, but Oregon’s weather did a 180* and instead we got ample sunshine. I figured we’d do a little throwback, comparison style. Kids change grow so fast in just a year.

The difference between 3 year-old Kenna and grown-up girl Kenna at 4:


 Kenna is a total daddy’s girl, loves exploring and adventuring, is always in the mood for fun and is the light of every party. Her cute little smile gets me every time! Innocence in its simplest form.


The difference between baby Bentley just after his 1st birthday and 2 year-old toddler Bentley.:


Bentley is a sweetheart and loves his mama. He is a hugger, loves to point out airplanes and is quite ticklish. Don’t you just want to scoop him up and squeeze him?


Siblings also change as a unit. These two are sharp and are already starting to conspire and work together. Their little personalities shine through brighter the older they get.


It’s incredible what a year can do!


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