July Photo Challenge: Day 21


High Dynamic Range

You’ve probably noticed this setting on your phone, it usually pops up when there are lots of highlights and shadows in the same photo. HDR is a technique used to create an image that looks most like what your eye would see, including all of the highlights and shadows so that nothing gets left out. It’s very handy for architecture and landscape shots, which is what I used it for.


Don’t you just love the views from Crown Point? This was the perfect place to catch and HDR shot because it really highlights the gritty detail that your eye can pick up, but which is sometimes lost in the camera.

HDR photos are fairly simple to create – you’re just combining multiple photos of the same subject captured with different exposures and mashing them into one. You need a tripod and at least 3 photos to create one perfectly exposed shot. The three photos should be taken at different shutter speeds to make one photo too light, one too dark and one somewhere in the middle. When you combine them, the detail really pops! If this sounds intriguing to you, you can learn more about HDR here! 

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