A Bride and Groom in The Gorge

Can I just say real quick that I’m so proud to be from Oregon? While photographing this beautiful couple last week, they received a TON of congratulations, whoops, hollers and cheers. The people here are just unbelievably nice – Alison and Mathew were so inspired, they said they would spread that same kindness when they head back to Hong Kong. I love building bridges!

…almost as much as I love photographing them. The bridges throughout the Gorge were the perfect way to represent the beautiful journey that these two best friends have embarked on.

ChansTribe-150These two lovebirds were married in Hong Kong, but wanted to take advantage of Oregon’s beauty for their wedding photos. Lucky for me, their newlywed glow hadn’t worn off – they were beaming and laughing the entire time.


Seeing two people so in love is always an amazing privilege. Love is such a sacred and special thing that I feel honored to be asked to take a peek into their lives to share their marriage with the world and celebrate the start of something beautiful.



A round of applause for Mr. and Mrs. Chans!

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