Jupiter, Venus and The Moon

After Dark

I’ve always loved looking at the night sky, seeing all of those stars and knowing that there’s something more out there. I am also partial to the moon because my dad’s mom,¬†Nana, has always called me Sunshine and I call her Moonshine, which was infinitely more funny when I realized what else shares that name! ūüôā Her 70th birthday is on Saturday, the 4th. If the moon wasn’t quite full last night, I hope¬†it will be then because we’ll be celebrating at the beach! I am¬†so excited to have my toes in the sand!

I read online that Jupiter and Venus were going to¬†cross paths last night, so I set up out back to enjoy the view, only to find power lines directly in the way. Figures. So I marched down the block with my tripod and telephoto lens and found a great spot a couple houses down. Here’s a photo for those of you who missed the planetary conjunction!


The 2 planets were incredibly bright and it was really neat to see them so close¬†to one another. Some theorize that this is what The Star of Bethlehem may have looked like. The planets weren’t the only ones putting on a show last night:


The Moon also made an appearance and in my opinion stole the scene! I couldn’t believe how much detail I could see on the surface – just look at all those craters! This universe is absolutely incredible.

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