June Photo Challenge: Day 15


Since this Oregonian summer has gotten off to such an unusually dry start, my mom and I have been tending more to the garden – which means creating our own rain!


I’ve always found scenes like this fascinating. Nature truly does it best!

I got inspired after capturing the photo of the Marigolds so I went in search of more garden beauty and found this beautiful pastel Nasturtium. Did you know their name literally means “nose-twister”? They’re also edible and a great source of Vitamin C and Lutein! More on that here. My grandma likes to grow these and put them in her salads so they must be good! Maybe it’s time for me to try them.


I think they’re too pretty to eat!

P.S. Remember how in my post about Macro photography, I mentioned using a lens with more zoom? I took these with that other lens and loved the results!

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