June Photo Challenge: Day 14

Someone I Love

Today is a special day, so instead of taking new photos, I’m sharing some of my favorites from this day last year!

A year ago today was the best day of my 20 years of life,

Which means today is our first anniversary 🙂


On June 29th 2014, I married my better half ❤


It’s an incredible moment of faith, trust and love to promise your life to someone, but it was an easy decision for me also and the best one I’ve made to date.


This man knows my heart, mind and soul inside out and all around. To be understood, respected and unconditionally loved, even at your weakest points, is too incredible to not celebrate. I am so proud to be Mrs. Potesta.


He is my partner, my teammate, my good luck charm and my Superman.


Every day with him is another day with laughter in my heart and a smile on my face. I can’t imagine life any other way ❤


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