June Photo Challenge: Day 10

Before we get to the challenge I just want to say, sorry about the delay in posts. I promise I’m actually participating in the challenge, road tripping just put a couple time kinks into the timing. 🙂

Anyways, todays challenge is Macro Photography! Macro refers to a subject that is photographed to be larger than life-size with as much detail as possible. To get these photos, I use an 18-55mm lens, zoomed in all the way to 55mm. The trick is to zoom in on your subject, that way you can appear to be extremely close without being so close that your camera can’t focus. Also, the more you zoom in on a subject, the more the background of your photo will “compress”, making it appear closer. This can create a really cool effect. We’ll get into more detail on that when I post tips and tricks for photography in July! Send in your requests 🙂

Macro photography is a great place to start out if you’re looking to improve your photography skills. All of these photos were taken in my backyard, with the basic lens included in my camera package. No special equipment necessary! Just look closely for detail and you will find great photographs waiting to be captured.

Here are some examples:


I love getting close enough to see the fur and baby spines on rose buds. Did you know that Portland is known as the City of Roses? Of course I had to include a rose photo!


Right now this little bud is smaller than the tip of my pinky, but in a week or so it will be a full-grown tomato!


Fruit always makes the perfect subject and is a great place to start exploring your macro photography skills! I used my hand in this one to give a little size comparison.


This is my favorite photo from this series – I’d never seen a cricket’s eyes until this morning! I would never have seen this little guy had I not been looking closely at a rose for detail shots. It’s truly amazing how many cool things there are to see in this world, and so simple too! This was a great reminder for me to slow down and observe the world around me.

I hope you feel inspired to try your hand at Macro photography and I’d love to see your work!

2 thoughts on “June Photo Challenge: Day 10

  1. Macro photographs is my ultimate FAV! I think it’s because I love all of the little fine details of life. These photos are beautiful! I definitely am trying to improve my photography skills.

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