June Photo Challenge: Day 7


On our way home from Illinois, Bobby and I stopped in St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch, knocking another American monument off our sight-seeing list!

I know it’s not directly a form of transportation, but it sure is a symbol of one.

The Gateway Arch marks the beginning of the Oregon Trail, one of the all-time-greatest examples of transportation. About 400,000 settlers took off from Missouri to travel 2,300 miles along a rugged trail to the wonderful state of Oregon, all along with nothing more than a wagon stuffed to the brim and hearts full of hope. Can you imagine setting off on a journey like that, having no idea what’s in store for the future or what will happen on the long road that lays ahead?


The structure wasn’t officially completed until 1965, 100 years after the trail boomed with more and more people traveling west. It marked the completion of an idea Thomas Jefferson had: For the U.S. to span from coast to coast, Atlantic to Pacific.


It was fascinating to stand just yards away from where Lewis and Clark completed their epic journey, especially after growing up in Oregon. It felt like coming full-circle after having been to the end of the Oregon Trail in Oregon City, not to mention playing the Oregon Trail game like a fiend all throughout grade school! Now I just need to travel it, preferably in a car rather than a wagon. 😉

We also got to travel 630 feet up to the top of the arch, which has incredible views – 30 miles on a clear day like the one we got lucky with! 

If ever you find yourself in St. Louis, or just traveling through like us, make the quick stop to see this incredible structure and take the trip to the top for some seriously breath-taking views.

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