June Photo Challenge: Day 6

City Lights
Chicago is mesmerizing by day, but by night the city truly glitters with light.

I love the way the lights reflect off the river that runs all the way through the city – it’s almost as if there’s a whole other world down there, just out of reach.

The Chicago Blackhawks were in the Stanley Cup Finals while we were there and the city showed their support by putting red lights at the tops of the tallest towers all over the city. It reminded me of my Portland Trailblazers and the amazing community and fans that Portland supports the team with.

My favorite place to view the city is from atop the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier:

You can see forever from up there, the great Windy City on one side and Lake Michigan on the other. Seeing the millions of tiny little lights that seem to go on for eternity, there’s something comforting and magical about it: knowing there are millions of other people in this world and endless possibilities.

Here’s to the future!

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