June Photo Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 is…


Water Splash!

At first I was thinking I would do close-up, detailed shots of water droplets, but this opportunity came up and there was no way I’d pass up on an aquatic show! Once again, the little kid in me was alive and I think I know why.Chicago15-49

Do you guys have that 1 person, usually a family member, you’ve looked up to since you were a kid?

Mine is my cousin, Kaisa. I was an absolute pest to her when I was little. You see, I’m an only child and my family is kind of spread out, so other than Kaisa and her older sister, Jennifer, I didn’t really have a cousin I could get to know until Ruby was born when I was 10. I’ve never had to sit at the “kid’s table” ūüėČ ¬†My favorite memories are always from the summer, when my mom would send me up to Washington to visit my Aunt Deb and Kaisa while she did her annual Mexico trip with her best friend. This meant heaven for me and the opposite for Kaisa because she would have me attached to her hip for the next week.


I remember one year they took a family trip to Hawaii and Kaisa brought me back a pink, sparkly dolphin pen. At the top was a dolphin suspended in a circle that would swim while I wrote. I loved that thing. I used up all the of the¬†ink in a week, just from doodling so I could watch it go.¬†Of course the pen¬†was special because it was from Kaisa, but also because it represented her contagious sense of adventure and taste for life. ¬†She had been to a remote and exotic island,¬†an idea that was unfathomable to me. And obviously a new¬†bucket-list item for an obsessive 6 year-old. ūüėČ


It seems like the entirety of my trips up to see her were¬†spent adventuring, exploring and creating. We’d play Barbies, cards and charades in the summer sun, and then set up a tent in the front yard – only to be scared back inside by spiders 30 minutes later. When I was a little older she would let me drive her kid-sized John Deere truck, just¬†barely reaching the pedals,¬†after which¬†we’d spend hours designing and then sewing¬†clothes for our Barbies.

One day we explored the warehouse on her property, sneaking up and scaring poor Roger, climbing shelves that we probably shouldn’t have, and playing hide and seek just so we could scare one another. Apparently I was a champ¬†because I vividly hiding¬†for so long that I actually got locked inside the warehouse! Traumatic. But they were still the sweetest years of my life.


Kaisa’s sense of adventure rubbed off on me back then and hasn’t changed a bit. She still hasn’t lost her sense of adventure, either. In fact, her new little family just got back from a trip¬†to California Sequoias.¬†Take a look at¬†these amazing photos and their¬†incredible adventure!¬†I am absolutely thrilled¬†to be visiting them in August ūüôā

Seeing these dolphins was¬†even more¬†amazing than¬†my 6 year-old self imagined. They are¬†so incredibly smart and precise, not to mention mesmerizing. Here’s to our inner child more adventures!


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