June Photo Challenge: Day 2


On day two of this challenge, I found myself at the Shedd Aquarium at approximately 10am and completely surrounded by small screaming children. It was like field trip day for every summer program in the city or something!

Don’t get me wrong, I love kiddos. It was really cool to stare in wonder at the other worlds swimming inside tanks, completely oblivious to everything happening outside – just like all the kids around me. There’s just something about curiosity.

I mean, how can you not stare when this is swimming past, just inches from your face?


Color photography is great for natural light and smooth things, but I love to shoot in black and white to get that ultimate, gritty texture.


The colors under the seas are mesmerizing, so rich and bright.


Did you know that we know more about what’s out in space than we do about our oceans here on Earth?


How bizarre is that? Then again, it’s pretty easy to believe while at the aquarium:



How would you guys feel about a series of tips and tricks posted to my blog? Send me your questions! 🙂

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