Throwback Thursday

Throwing it back to 2013, when I got to attend an Oregon Ducks game!

Does anyone else remember the dream team that was De’Anthony Thomas and the current holder of the Heisman trophy, Marcus Mariota? You know, The Black Mamba and Super Mariota Also making the dream team unstoppable were Byron Marshall and Thomas Tyner, who both ran some of the fastest offense in the league under coach Chip Kelly and quarterback Mariota.

This team was unstoppable and the game I watched was practically flawless, much to the grievance of the irate Washington Huskies fan sitting behind us whose team was getting crushed on their home field. 😂

As most Oregon Duck fans know, Chip Kelly has been known to say some pretty funny things. The best part is that, in some weird way, they actually make sense. Like this little gem:

“They are like a tea bag,” Coach Kelly says of quarterbacks, “you don’t know what you are going to get until you put them in hot water.”

He was most likely referring to Mariota, who performs remarkably well under pressure, never playing it safe. Mariota has been dunked into very hot water and consistently brews a strong and solid game, like the one I saw.

This game was so much fun! I love photographing sports because I can stop time and pinpoint every detail of the action.


Oregon Quarterback Marcus Mariota (#8) passes off to Byron Marshall (#9). Mariota and Marshall made a great team with Mariota completing 24 of 31 passes and running on 13 plays and Marshall rushing 106 yards.



Sometimes when photographing sports, I’ll get the chance at something more like a portrait:



During a time out huddle, one player takes a break from listening to his coach to flash his beautiful smile at my camera.

I can’t wait to be home for some Oregon Football 2015!

It’ll be interesting to see how the team performs with a new coach and a fresh team.


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