The Japanese Gardens

I recently saw this post on Buzzfeed and had to click on it because the cover photo was of the legendary maple tree in the Portland Japanese Gardens:


I used this photo as reference to make a painting of this for my grandmother while in my favorite high school art class. She absolutely loved it! When I realized that the gorgeous tree is in a garden right there in the middle of Portland, I knew I had to take her.

Seeing this amazing place be recognized reminded me that I have a few photos from there too, so I though I’d share them!


The entire place is unbelievably green and filled with more varieties of plants than you could imagine.


It’s truly an adventure because there are endless places to explore – up and down staircases and all over paths both big and small.


I had never seen a Lily Pad before this trip! Aren’t they so beautiful? The colors are unbelievably rich and vary across the entire rainbow.


Not an inch of space was wasted here, especially thanks to the moss. The staircases were easily my favorite part – it was like entering a whole other world with an entirely different style and ecosystem.

So, my Portland friends, the next time you are bored and think there’s nothing to do in your beautiful city, go check out this hidden gem. It’s even right next door to the real Rose Garden, where you can see very clearly why we are called the City of Roses! Bring some snacks, a camera and your walking shoes and you’re set for a beautiful day.

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