Boys and their toys

We kinda like Groupon. Like, a lot.

Whenever Bobby and I go out, we’ll check Groupon for dinner options first to se if we can score a good deal. We’ve actually used one for The Pita Pit a few times while waiting for concert doors to open. They’re also great for apparel, carrying many name brands and designers! I recently found a pair of sweet Betsey Johnson sunglasses on there for like $15! More on my favorite designer here!

 Bobby’s latest Groupon score was this huge RC helicopter:


It’s actually 2 feet long and has little flashing LED lights on the body.


We took it to the park down the street, where I was eaten alive by mosquitos. I’m on the hunt for home-made mosquito repellent that doesn’t smell like fermented lemons.


It conveniently died right before the rain started. 👍🏼

Soon he’ll be flying much bigger aircraft during his Drone Operator training. I’m hoping we can put our skills together in the future!

Oh, and stay tuned for that mosquito repellant.

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