It won’t be long

…until summer is here!

We all know how much I love to watch the sun come up, but I really can’t help it considering the awesome vantage point we have! The windows of our 3rd story apartment fact North, East and South, providing me with the perfect views of our small town and the incredible sunrises that spread across the immense Kansas sky. It’s been fascinating watching the sunlight stream through the windows that face East each morning, starting on one side of the room and moving throughout the day. The light also moves in sync with the seasons, starting on the opposite sides of the room in summer and winter.

The sunrise this morning was so bright and the sky infinitely clear:


See where the sun is in relation to that big tree?

Now check out this photo from February – the sun is rising on the opposite side of the sky.


These were both taken looking out of the same window, just 3 months apart.

 Just seeing this photo of the snow has me reaching for a blanket.

So here’s to summer sunshine and warmer weather!

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