It’s sunny somewhere, right?

These April showers better bring May flowers!

I’m wishing so hard for summer weather that I thought I’d try to usher it in with some strawberry lemonade crumb bars.

Plus the strawberries were on sale 😉


The house I grew up in had a huge strawberry patch that ran half the length of the house. I remember anticipating these sweet, juicy berries and then eating them (and only them) for an entire month, completely clearing all berries from the patch and leaving nothing to waste. My parents have horror stories of trying to feed me anything but strawberries – I hear it didn’t end well. Anyways, I guess I ate so many strawberries that I got sick of them and then wouldn’t touch them for years.

I know, I’m crazy.


The good news is, I’m cured! I mean look at these! Strawberries are so pretty – they just scream femininity and life. How could I have resisted these beauties for so long? Plus, they go good with literally anything! Chocolate, lemonade, cheese – you name it, you can put strawberries in or on it! And for the record, these bars are delish!! 

Here’s to my full recovery 😉


Now excuse me while I shovel these into my mouth and daydream of better weather!

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