$5 Shorts

Have I mentioned how much I love Goodwill? Where else can you find fully-customized shorts for $5? My cousin, Kaisa, and I are thrifting maniacs, visiting estate sales and Goodwills all over in search of vintage treasures. In honor of her birthday today, I’m sharing a tutorial for one of our favorite Goodwill treasures:

DIY Distressed Shorts!


I’ve got several pairs of shorts that I’ve DIY-Distressed — most of the shorts I own actually started out as pants. Vintage Levi’s, Guess and Vigoss denim from various Goodwills have been repurposed to create 100% unique shorts. I love how easy and unbelievably cheap they are to make and the best part is: they’re completely unique! Ever spotted someone wearing the same article of clothing and immediately despised both the other person and what you’re wearing? Now I get asked where I bought the shorts, by sales associates at corporate clothing stores no less, and I get to reply that I made them and that they are, in fact, one-of-a-kind!

Get a jump-start on your summer clothing wardrobe and spend the next rainy day making something bright and beautiful while dreaming of the summer sun.

For more DIY, check out Kaisa’s Blog!

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