Is that a bird?

When I was asked to capture these moments, I was unbelievably excited. First because I love surprises, and secondly because the groom-to-be proposed at the same location where I married my wonderful husband:


Bobby and I beat them there so we could scout the location to find the best place for me to remain hidden and still get great shots. With no surprise to me, he ended up picking the perfect spot in a tuft of high prairie grass (I knew I married him for a reason 😉 ) and he also let me use a camo blanket for extra stealth.

Apparently it worked because the bride-to-be thought I was a bird!


I thought for sure she had caught on but Alex didn’t miss a beat and took it as a great opportunity:




It worked out so perfectly! I stayed hidden, wiping away my happy tears in-between shots, until Alex told her that the bird in the bushes was really a camera.


I am so happy to have been a part of something so beautiful! I really have the greatest job!

Congratulations and nothing but happiness to the both of you ❤

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