It takes two to tango

Being an Army Wife, or any military wife for that matter, can be a challenge. Just like any other wives, we hear updates at work, cook, clean, some of us also work and some of us raise kiddos. But we have to say goodbye to our husbands for weeks, months, sometimes years at a time. For me and many other wives, this is the hardest part. Bobby and I met online 8 years ago when we were young, crazy kids exploring the internet. We were modern-day pen-pals for the longest time and became really good friends, and then one day it just sorta clicked and we realized something beautiful had come of our friendship and needed to grow into something more; the rest is history! In some ways, the long-distance friendship and relationship we had makes things like deployment, NTC and random trips to the field much easier. But I miss him just the same. That’s why I was so very excited to take these homecoming photos! Sharing this happiness is my favorite part of my job ❤

Morgans-65 Morgans-136 Morgans-182

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