This is what a 9*F sunrise looks like

Just in case you’ve ever wondered..


It is absolutely freezing out there. The wind is ridiculous and puts the wind chill at -6! But, the sky is so clear as a result and you can see for miles, especially from three floors up! This is looking out of the extra bedroom/Army gear storage/my studio 😍 Being on the third floor of a building in one of the flattest parts of the good ol’ U.S. of A also means that we have no protection from the wind, so the cold air really seeps. It’s not advised to sit next to a window during this cold 😁 It does sound really cool, though! If it blows just right, it will howl between our building and the one next to us.

And it sounds like all of this snow is going to pay off, we’re supposed to get 6-10+ inches of snow through Tuesday! 😳 My inner child is so excited – I’ve never seen snow like this before. On the other hand, I’m beating the grocery store rush. People panic quickly, but always better safe than sorry. Shoutout to my dad for teaching me Boy Scout stuff ☺️ I’m excited to be stuck inside with perfect lighting and endless comfort foods to cook! Any favorite snow day recipes out there? Share them, please! Just leave a reply below.

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