Oatmeal Cookies <3

I remember growing up, always eating Grandma’s cookies with my dad. Every single time, he got the oatmeal raisin and I thought he was crazy. My 8 year-old brain couldn’t figure out why someone would waste a perfectly good cookie on raisins! I, like most kids my age, bit into the unbelievably sweet peanut butter, loaded chocolate chip, or even lemon if I could find one, anything but yucky old raisins and oatmeal! No way would I eat a “healthy” cookie! They’re supposed to be treats, something decadent that you don’t get every day, meant to be indulgent.

Well, my day has come. Finally, the Williamson oatmeal-raisin-loving gene has kicked in and I am in love! The ultra-soft, chewy oatmeal is definitely my favorite part. I focused on the cookie dough itself to create the perfect oatmeal cookie. The best part? You could mix in raisins, bananas and walnuts, chocolate chips, or even ice them! Every time, they turn out perfect.

And lucky me, I’ve found a way to make this cookie almost healthy. Once again, I used coconut oil – I am so addicted.

I’m adding the the recipe as you’re reading this, so check back in a while! 😀

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