Lavender and Fir

I cannot wait to feature a recipe from my cousin’s blog this week!!

Kaisa and her husband, Jordan, have a bountiful garden in their backyard that is absolutely overflowing with fruits and veggies in the spring and summer, and they even have a chicken coop with hens laying eggs daily!

One summer a few years ago, I stayed with them for a month. During my stay, the two of them made me the most incredible meals, all of them with fresh produce from their garden. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how amazing fresh-picked produce is! And the eggs! Ahhh, the eggs. Easily my favorite part! I remember one day, Jordan made the three of us eggs benedict from eggs that had been laid earlier that morning. This was hands-down the most delicious egg I have ever tasted, even to this day years later!

Living in this small town has some perks, like the feel of the community and everybody knowing everybody. But I must say, produce in the North-West can’t be beat! As soon as the husband and I settle down in a place for a while, I’m planting my own garden! I want cucumbers and lettuce and potatoes and berries and herbs and spices, all grown fresh in my backyard. If you’re interested in gardening and self-sustained living, or anything creative, really, check out their blog:

And here’s a hint as to what this recipe could be: it has a lot to do with those wonderful eggs! (;

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